We regularly organize ‘get-togethers’, preferably on Thursdays. Get-togethers are organized in the office, especially for clients, customers and alumni. The meetings are usually organized from 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm (after that we have an hour for a drink).

We are always deliberately cryptic about the content of the meetings because we want the participants to be surprised when they are there. What we can say is that participation always gives extra energy and that the get-together is a nice opportunity to network and share experiences, ideas and fun with others.

An example of a get-together is the Brandgame. We received the following responses to this:

  • “Try to describe yourself in two words ..”.
    The VP Solutions Brandgame encourages you to think about it freely and come to surprising insights.” Frits
  • It helped me a lot! During the first half I was shocked, because instead of 2 words I went to more words, but with the help of everyone I came up with two top words. Wonderful! Thank you for your inspiration and moderation .” Fred
  • “For me it was an afternoon with a silver lining. Relaxed (compliments to you and Elles), with nice people, purposefully working on your own brand “. Highly recommended in every way!” Marian