Individuals, HR managers, CEOs and department managers approach us with a question that is always a challenge they are facing. This can be a reorganisation with redundancies, where we use our program Career Switch. That’s something we do for Shell Netherlands during their transition.

It can also be an individual/employee or HR manager who takes the helm and wants to see what his / her (labor) opportunities  are , in this case we choose for the Vital Career Programme. We do this for Siemens, CRH, Faringwell and many individuals. If a change in culture is required in response to market changes, mergers, acquisitions or “the moment in time” we are approached often by the management or the HR manager to map the culture and to highlight the desired changes. We do this during Team Trainings.

All our programs are tailor-made, we would gladly to talk to you to see what a possible solution could be for the challenges you face!