Outplacement / Career Switch

“Career transition effects everyone, always.”

It is a process in which one breaks ties with the ‘old’ world and needs to connect with an ‘unknown/new’ world, while going through an emotional process at the same time.

Support during this (search) process is nice and important, but above all: useful.

So many things to deal with: What

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Coaching / Vital Career

Sometimes you are stuck. You need a sparring partner who reflects with you instead of just going through the motions.

Is the thing you do, still what you really want to do? What are your realistic possibilities? What energises you and how does this relate to reality? Are there capabilities you want to work on or need to improve to function well at your level? Do you often

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Team training

Teams have their own dynamics within organizations. That’s why it’s so fun to do something together with a team. Whether this team building, learning a specific skill or about the (behavioral) culture, it always delivers a stronger team spirit. This is good for the cooperation and therefore the results, as well known.

But learning something new or

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