Sometimes you are stuck. You need a sparring partner who reflects with you instead of just going through the motions.

Is the thing you do, still what you really want to do? What are your realistic possibilities? What energises you and how does this relate to reality? Are there capabilities you want to work on or need to improve to function well at your level? Do you often lack time, or have trouble delegating things to others?

These questions are examples of frequently asked questions that are confronted in the Vital Career Programme. This programme is tailor-made to give you the answers to questions that are important to you!

The vital career programme is offered as part of a career development programme during your career within your organisation. It is suited for most people people who want to reflect on / improve their functioning. For example: Managers who want to leverage their employees in certain fields of capabilities, or employees who are stuck in their job and want to search within the organisation for other possibilities.

The Vital Career Programme takes place in 3 months (8 sessions). The program is fully aimed at the defined goal and together with your coach an action plan is made.


Individual coaching

Your coach is your sparring partner who leads you, step by step to your goal. At the start of the programme we will define together what is needed tot reach your goal. That might be done by personal profiles: Behaviour (how), motivation (why) and talent (what). But also visiting the work floor can be part of the coaching. It is essential to have a good chemistry with your coach. Therefore we always have an orientational intake stating your goals and duration of the process. Your coach will help you to see opportunities and to keep you on track!



  • Investigation of new career opportunities within the current organisation
  • More effective (personal) leadership
  • Insights in perception and consequences of behaviour
  • Handling experienced stress
  • Broadening of skills
  • Preparing people for job interviews



For everyone the result of the Vital Career Programme is something different. We can boast great results with inspired and exciting outcomes.