“Career transition effects everyone, always.”

It is a process in which one breaks ties with the ‘old’ world and needs to connect with an ‘unknown/new’ world, while going through an emotional process at the same time.

Support during this (search) process is nice and important, but above all: useful.

So many things to deal with: What now?, What am I going to do?, What am I good at and where to find this job? It is good to have a professional, someone to reflect with and do the necessary reality check.”

The Career Switch Programme is especially meant as part of the counselled job search option within the redundancy policy. It is an extra intensive, tailor-made outplacement programme with a 6 month duration, that can be prolonged twice with a 3 month extension.

The programme includes the following:


Individual coaching

Each programme is tailored to specific needs, the emphasis is on individual, weekly coaching. Your coach is your sparring partner. Primary we focus on experiencing the transition in a positive way. With the help of an individual profile three ‘soft skill’ elements are mapped that are essential for successful and vital functioning in the workplace: Behaviour (how), motivation (why) and talent (what). With your coach you will define which elements are necessary or desirable in your new job and/or workplace. This will result into an action plan with content, route and planning. Your message must be clear and consistent to present yourself on your best! You can only make a first impression once. Of course resume and writing job application letters are part of the programme. We do this also on an individual basis because of its importance as business card and this is different for everyone.


Network coaching

We support intensively your networking process, also by making connections with our contacts. Networking is often seen as something scary. On the contrary. If you do it your way and with energy and en- thusiasm, the contacts will always have a positive flow and will support and energise you. It is a constant part of your programme.


Get togethers

Together with our other clients from a range of companies, you can attend every month a career oriented meeting. These meetings have different themes, for example personal branding, presentation and the hidden secrets of Linkedin. The meetings are useful, intensive, but also nice to attend. We end these meetings with a “netwerkborreltje”. These are meetings where old and new friends of VPSolutions are often seen.



An inspiring combination of flexibility (some things need to be done NOW) and structure will result into success: YOUR job. This is different for everyone. “You’ve got to find what you love.” We can boast great results for our outplacement programmes. Our success rate is 98%. We are proud of this and we do our utmost to keep that track record!