Teams have their own dynamics within organizations. That’s why it’s so fun to do something together with a team. Whether this team building, learning a specific skill or about the (behavioral) culture, it always delivers a stronger team spirit. This is good for the cooperation and therefore the results, as well known.

But learning something new or receiving insight into what can be improved, is accompanied by letting go of certainties, practices and insights into (own) behavior and is therefore exciting. Fortunately, it can also be fun!

All our team trainings are Tailor-made. Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How are we viewed as a team and how can we work better together?
  • What values ​​are important for our team and how does that translate into concrete behavior?
  • We want a team building event, but we also want to learn something.
  • We want a “cultural change process”, but have already done so much in this regard that does not help. How do we solve this?
  • We want to teach everyone in our organization a specific skill. For example: presentation (for tenders or general), communications,  job interviews, feedback etc.

For the different courses we use surprising locations and different tools. Examples of companies we have been able to do this for are Shell, Madurodam, Citigate First Financial, Siemens, TU Delft, Faringwell, NUSO and Wincor.

Interested in our approach? Please contact: Elles Huizing – van Gestel.