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Whether it is career, labor mobility, personal coaching or a team training, we ensure that the peel is removed and you get all the energy that is in yourself, your team or your company! VPSolutions is a company with a rich past in the field of coaching and we use our experience in the most creative way to achieve maximum results.

Career Switch


"Career transition effects everyone, always." It is a process in which one breaks ties with the 'old' world and needs to connect with an 'unknown/new' world, while going through an emotional process at the same time. Support during this (search) process is nice and important, but above all: useful. So many things to deal with: What now?, What am I going to do?, What am I good at and where to find this job? It is good to have a professional, someone to reflect with and do the necessary reality check.” .

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Vital Start-up

Becoming an entrepreneur

You have chosen to take a big leap: Becoming an entrepreneur. How cool! We can help you with this. Based on our experiences with people who have opted for a future as an entrepreneur during a career trajectory, we are bringing the following program: Vital Start-Up.


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Vital Career


Sometimes you are stuck. You need a sparring partner who reflects with you instead of just going through the motions. Is the thing you do, still what you really want to do? What are your realistic possibilities? What energises you and how does this relate to reality? Are there capabilities you want to work on or need to improve to function well at your level? Do you often lack time, or have trouble delegating things to others? These questions are examples of frequently asked questions that are confronted in the Vital Career Programme. This programme is tailor-made to give you the answers to questions that are important to you! The vital career programme is offered as part of a career development programme during your career within your organisation. It is suited for most people people who want to reflect on / improve their functioning. For example: Managers who want to leverage their employees in certain fields of capabilities, or employees who are stuck in their job and want to search within the organisation for other possibilities.

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Team dynamics

Teams have their own dynamics within organizations. That's why it's so fun to do something together with a team. Whether this team building, learning a specific skill or about the (behavioral) culture, it always delivers a stronger team spirit. This is good for the cooperation and therefore the results, as well known. But learning something new or receiving insight into what can be improved, is accompanied by letting go of certainties, practices and insights into (own) behavior and is therefore exciting. Fortunately, it can also be fun! .

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Why VP?

  • Erg interactief; geen ellenlange presentaties
  • Stimuleerd en geeft richting aan mentale process van verandering en verkennen arbeidmarkt. Geeft verder goede tools (Linkedin, networking, pitch) om arbeidmarkt weer te betreden.
  • Ik vond de opbouw van het programma goed. Ook het werken in een kleine groep beviel me.
  • Het helpt me bij het vormgeven van mijn plannen en volgende stappen
  • De diversiteit van de onderwerpen en tijd tussen de verschillende meetings. De kwaliteit van de trainers.De diversiteit in de groep deelnemers.
  • Goede onderwerpen, brede content, deskundige coaches.
  • Frank Verdouw Group Financial Controller
    “The conversations with Elles have really stimulated me and her questions and insights have helped me directly or indirectly in my daily life. We mainly used practical examples from my business and private life, and I immediately put the insights from the conversations into practice in the weeks following our conversations. Through the personality analysis I have learned to better recognize where my strength lie and how I can use them to distinguish myself and to position myself conveniently in circumstances that are difficult or new for me. I advise everyone to do this; a good coaching process takes you to a higher level!”  
    Frank Verdouw Group Financial Controller
    CRH Europe Products & Distribution
  • Frank Verdouw Group Financial Controller
    “De gesprekken met Elles hebben me behoorlijk geprikkeld en haar vragen en inzichten hebben me direct of indirect verder geholpen in mijn dagelijkse leven. We hebben vooral praktijkvoorbeelden gebruikt uit mijn zakelijke en privéleven, en de inzichten uit de gesprekken heb ik in de weken volgend op onze gesprekken meteen in de praktijk gebracht. Door de persoonlijkheidsanalyse heb ik geleerd beter te onderkennen waar mijn kracht ligt en hoe ik die kan gebruiken om mezelf te onderscheiden en om mezelf handig te positioneren in voor mij moeilijke of nieuwe omstandigheden. Ik raad iedereen aan dit te doen; een goed coachingstraject brengt je op een hoger niveau!”  
    Frank Verdouw Group Financial Controller
    CRH Europe Products & Distribution
  • Job de Braak
    “After being declared redundant,VPSolutions assisted me in finding new work. VPSolutions tackled this in a professional and at the same time a personal way. Through positive motivation and a theoretical underpinning of the phases and feelings I had, I was able to better understand and accept what happened to me. By putting structure in applying for jobs, my days were filled and I was able to search for my ideal job more and more. Finding that job was successful in the time frame predicted by VPSolutions. VPSolutions was a safety net for me and gave me the confidence to follow my own direction.”
    Job de Braak
  • Job de Braak
    “VPSolutions heeft mij, na overtollig verklaard te zijn, bijgestaan in het vinden van nieuw werk. VPSolutions heeft dit op een professionele en tegelijkertijd persoonlijke manier aangepakt. Door positieve motivatie en een theoretische onderbouwing van de fase en gevoelens waarin ik in/mee zat kon ik beter begrijpen en accepteren wat er met mij gebeurde. Door structuur in het solliciteren te brengen waren mijn dagen gevuld en was ik in staat om steeds beter naar mijn ideale baan te zoeken. Het vinden van die baan is gelukt in de door VPSolutions voorspelde tijdspanne. VPSolutions was voor mij een vangnet en heeft mij het vertrouwen gegeven om mijn eigen richting te volgen.”
    Job de Braak
  • Astrid Wassenaar, Experience Strategist
    "It's nice to experience how a group of people who don't know each other can give such useful, good and relevant feedback in a compact session in order to arrive at everyone's wonderful own brand!"
    Astrid Wassenaar, Experience Strategist
  • Astrid Wassenaar, BelevingsStrateeg
    "Mooi om te ervaren hoe een groep mensen die elkaar niet kennen, in een compacte sessie zulke nuttige, rake en betrokken feedback kan geven om zo te komen tot ieders prachtige eigen merk!"
    Astrid Wassenaar, BelevingsStrateeg

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