You have chosen to take a big leap: Becoming an entrepreneur. How cool! We can help you with this.

Based on our experiences with people who have opted for a future as an entrepreneur during a career trajectory, we are bringing the following program: Vital Start-Up.

In summary, the Vital Start-Up program contains:

Reality test and business plan

We start with the reality check. How enterprising are you? On the basis of the E-Scan, we examine your chances of success as an entrepreneur. The E-scan is a test and confirms what you may already know, but also reveals the blind spots that you did not know about. Part of the assessment is the 360 ​​degree feedback, where you ask people who know you well to complete the E-Scan about you. It teaches you to look at yourself through the eyes of another. This self-knowledge is of great importance for success in entrepreneurship. You cannot “fail” for this scan. It is not about how you score, but how you deal with these insights.

Individual coaching

The conversations with your coach initially focus on how you can experience this change as something positive in your life. Based on individual profiles, we map out the 3 soft skill elements that are essential for your successful and vital functioning: Behavior (how), motivation (why) and talent (what). We translate this into an action plan so that you can work towards your goal in a focused and clear and consistent message. In addition, the conversations are focused on (possible) stress signals and on other relevant matters that play a role during this process in order to use your opportunities and keep moving!

Networking and presenting

As an entrepreneur you will need to network and pitch. During the Vital Start-Up, we ensure that you present your story to the first audience during the Soapbox and that your story is in good order. You will receive pitch training, go on video and receive feedback from others. We create a safe environment every time to get your pitch sharp.


What does your personal brand look like? Can you describe it in 2 words? What will your pitch be? During the Entrepreneurs Brand Game, you and other entrepreneurs will gain insight into your “Brand”.

Website and social media

Today it is inconceivable not to have a digital business card. We ensure that you have a website and / or social media page that makes you look good. For example, we give you feedback on your LinkedIn profile and help you with your website.

Stimulus sessions

Curious about the situation of other entrepreneurs? Do you want to spar with others? During our get togethers, network activities and the monthly events of Sprout you will be stimulated in your entrepreneurship.
Networking is not a one-time thing. It runs like a thread through the program.


We can boast great results. Our success rate is 98%. We are very proud of that and do everything we can to keep it that way! An inspiring combination of flexibility and structure ensures a successful result. Your business … “You’ve got to find what you love.”


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